Kayla Reed

Kayla stopped at a Circuit Rider event in Houlton in April of 2019 with the goal of getting a loan to purchase a home. Being raised in a challenging home environment herself, Kayla wanted to be sure that her two young boys were raised in a stable home instead of bouncing around from apartment to apartment. As a single mom, she was determined to do what was needed to raise her children in a safe environment.

“Owning a home is what I believe to be a lot of peoples long time goals, especially mine.  Not only would I be the first person to own a home in my family but may encourage them to want to actually own something!” 

Having little credit, Kayla became aware of the impact it was making on her ability to secure a home. She worked hard with her financial counselor to increase her score and was transferred to Four Directions’ lending department in May of 2019 with a good credit score!

Within just a couple of weeks, Kayla had decided on a home in Monticello, and had signed the paperwork making her offer. She finalized the purchase in July of 2019, with additional funds in her mortgage loan to allow for some upgrades and remodeling. She was even able to keep her mortgage payment less than what she was paying in rent for her apartment.

Kayla’s home sits on a 1.29 acre lot, where her boys have lots of room to play. Being rurally located, there are no other homes nearby which gives them a lot of privacy. After all of the upgrades to her property, she already has a lot of equity in her home.

Owning a home can be a bundle of feelings, but especially nerve racking and feelings of excitement. For me, I thought I would never get the chance to own the home. Especially being a single mom in this society, with so many high expectations. When I first heard of Four Directions, I was intrigued. With their guidance and encouragement my dreams became a reality. They made the scary experience, seem SO simple! From helping find what I could afford, to the end of signing the bundles of paperwork.”