Kevin Sockbeson

A member of the Penobscot Tribe, Kevin reached out to Four Directions to purchase a home on Indian Island. Kevin wrote to Four Directions and had the following to say:

“I prefer home ownership because it gives a sense of financial security and stability. I feel it gives me more personal freedom and is better than renting. In my experience, it is cheaper than renting and better for family situations. It also provides financial benefits such as equity and an improved credit rating.

“Four Directions was very helpful in navigating all the hurdles one must take to get the loan necessary and down payment assistance securing a home and property. There are many requirements and options to consider, and they helped me to understand and line up all that what was needed and when in an orderly and timely fashion.

“The first home I purchased with help from Four Directions was not easy due to my credit and another legal technicality that without help would have been a dead end for me. I was able to get past the legal problems encountered with the help of the home loan officer.

“Although there is an online course to take to secure the down payment assistance it is highly worth the time and effort because the information obtained is extremely helpful and the instructor is knowledgeable and able to give one on one guidance.

“Four Directions is experienced in working with all the tribe’s departments/employees that may become part of the overall process needed to complete the final closing.”