Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Basics with Maine PTAC

Online Webinar

This webinar will review the basics such as, what is the FAR, the basic structure of the FAR for quick reference, and finally where you can access the FAR and/or agency supplements so you can research them for yourself.

Subcontracting Strategies with Maine PTAC

Maine PTAC Online Event

Join Maine PTAC Counselor Ed Dahl as he discusses how to build your business and decrease your risk through subcontracting to a prime government contractor.

Understanding and Getting the Most From Your BidMatch Profile – Maine PTAC

Maine PTAC Online Event

Join Maine PTAC Senior Counselor, Bryan Wallace as he discusses one of Maine PTAC’s most popular FREE services; Bid Match. Bid Match notifies you of contracting opportunities that are of interest to your business. This workshop is for everyone and will benefit both newcomers to Bid Match as well as those who have been receiving […]

Understanding Micropurchases – Maine PTAC

Maine PTAC Online Event

One of the simplest ways to sell things to the Federal government is via something known as a micropurchase. But what is it? Please join Maine PTAC’s Miranda Pelkey for a webinar on micropurchasing in the government sector.

Selling to the State of Maine – Maine PTAC

Maine PTAC Online Event

Join PTAC counselor Morgan Rocheleau as he discusses how getting into the government marketplace at the state level is a great opportunity to grow your business. Learn all the steps to become registered and find opportunities here in the State of Maine.

5 Tips For Writing a Better Capabilities Statement – Maine PTAC

Maine PTAC Online Event

Join Maine PTAC Senior Counselor Bryan Wallace as he discusses ways to improve your Capabilities Statement. Whether you’re a proven contractor who wants to dust off and freshen up your capabilities statement, or you’re new to government contracting and you need to create one from nothing, this webinar will inspire you to take action!

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